Ten types of screws – drywall screws

Drywall nails are a fastening tool used to install items on drywall. It is also known as a hook or wall stud. Drywall screws are typically used for light-duty items such as picture frames, mirrors, clocks, etc.

Drywall screws are designed for easy installation and removal on dry walls without the use of traditional screws or nails. It usually consists of a metal peg and a plastic bracket with hooks.

When installing drywall screws, first determine where you want to install them. Then, lightly tap the drywall nail with a hammer to drive it into the wall. Due to the design features of the drywall screw, it can penetrate drywall without causing too much damage. Make sure the drywall screws are firmly installed to ensure the stability of the item being installed.

If you need to remove a drywall screw, simply rotate it slightly and pull it out of the wall by hand. Note that because drywall screws are designed for light duty items, it may not be suitable for heavy items or installations that need to withstand high pressure. Before installation, please make sure you understand and follow the instructions for using drywall screws, and select the appropriate installation tools according to your needs.

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