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stone coated roof sheet

stone coated roof tiles

colour stone coated metal roof tiles

stone coated metal roof tiles

Stone Coated Metal Roof Sheet
Roofing tile materials Galvanized sheet steel
Roofing tile size 1340mm*420mm*0.4mm
Weight 2.6kg/pcs
Optional thickness 0.32/0.35/0.40/0.45/0.50mm
Color 18 colors
Life guarantee 50 years quality guarantee
Application Roofing  tile of Villas, townhouse, apartments, tourist destination building, and roof conversion project
Authentication SGS, Soncap, Gold& Verified supplier of Alibaba
Provide Free sample, Real-time tracking status
MOQ 500 pieces

Stone Coated Steel Roof Experts

For many of our customers who are thinking about getting started with metal roofing, a large fear is the external aesthetic of their home or business. There are many people that want a conventional look, yet are seeking the modern appeal and various benefits that come with metal roofing. Fortunately, there is a material out there that provides you the best of both worlds: stone coated steel. This material is durable and long-lasting while providing the look, style, and texture of modern roof materials.

Why Opt For A Stone Coated Steel Roof?

If you are interested in residential metal roofing choices, you’ve likely already heard about the variety of bonuses metal provides to the roofing industry. With metal roofs including metal shingles, standing seam roofing, and aluminum systems, you can expect extended longevity, wind resistance, and a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs. But along with all of these benefits, stone-coated steel also has the ability to mock the look of more conventional materials, such as shingles. By applying stone chips over the surface of the metal roofing material, we are able to create lightweight panels that can be designed to match almost any traditional roofing style.


What are tiles made of?

Each component is made from high-grade steel, primed with a water-based acrylic and coated with Aluzinc (55% Aluminium, 45% Zinc), and bonded with colored stone granules. The result is incredibly strong, lightweight, and resistant roofing that will withstand fire, storm, hail, and snow. It is also resistant to corrosive atmospheric conditions.