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GI coils

gi steel coil

gi sheet coil

galvanized coil

galvanised coil

galvanized steel coil

hot dipped galvanized steel coil

Metal Base   Cold rolled steel coil
Thickness   0.12mm~1.2mm
Width   ≤1250mm
Zinc Coating   40~275gram/㎡
Surface Treatment   Passivation/oiling
Spangle Types   Zero/ small/ regular/ big spangle

The galvanized coils is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. A zinc coating is one of the most effective and economical methods of protecting bare steel from a corroding environment. The zinc not only serves as a barrier between the steel and the environment, but it will also sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel sheet.


Galvanization or galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to prevent rusting. The size of crystallites (grains) in galvanized coatings is a visible and aesthetic feature, known as “spangle”.

Zinc Coated:

With the cold-rolled steel of different strengths and thickness as substrate. it is produced by applying the zine coat on both faces by hot-dip process.