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Technical Parameters

1. Name of Goods:Corrugated Sheet Forming Machine

2. TYPE: XH-32E  / XH-38E


Equipment weight                 : 7.2 ton(XH-32E), 8ton (XH-38E)

Outline dimensions               : 5000mmx2250mmx1500mm (XH-32E),5500mmx2250mmx1500mm  (XH-38E)

Width of the sheet                : 750 mm to 1250 mm

Length of the sheet               : 3050mm (XH-32E), 3660(XH-38E)

Material to be corrugated     : Full hard galvanized sheets

Thickness range of sheet      : 0.16mm-0.40mm or 0.12-0.20mm or 0.14-0.3mm

Depth of wave                       : 18mm±2mm

Pitch of wave                         : 76mm±2mm

Drive                                      : 11 KW

Speed                                    : 10-12  strokes per minute

Output                                   : 2-4 tons per hour


The tolerance of the width, depth, No. of waves of the roofing sheet after corrugated in accordance with JIS G3316 (1987) standard.

Molding width range: 1250mm below. The total thickness can not exceed 0.5mm.


The corrugated tile forming machine is mainly composed of the drive motor, reducer, transmission system, forming roller, flat roller, automatic feeding platform, and electrical control cabinet.The machine adopts low speed, high torque, low inertia AC motor with a v belt drive to the hardened reducer with a double output shaft,to achieve the purpose of transmission and deceleration. The automatic feeding of the working roller is always carried out by the timing chain and the linear guide rail,thus ensuring the stability of the product.

The main configuration

1、The whole equipment includes base, frame, forming roll, smooth roll, motor, reducer, etc.

2、The equipment base is welded by H steel,250×200

3、The equipment frame is welded by steel plates

4、The forming roller gear design: To ensure the shape of the roofing sheet according to the standard of JIS G3316.

Forming roller, smooth roller (each 2 pieces) . Effective working Length=3050 mm (XH-32E), 3660(XH-38E)

The material of the forming roller is made of 20# steel and 45# steel and is integrally machined.

The smooth roll material is Q235

5、Drive motor Y2-180-8 XIM Siemens motor (China) = 11KW power of = 700 RPM

6、Speed reduction machine product by manufacturer ourselves f homemade,reduction ratio = 40:1

7、Universal shaft coupling: SWC-165-680

Spare Parts List of Corrugated roofing sheet forming machine

Item Name Model Unit Quantity
1 Bearing 22206 Piece 2
2 Bearing 32209 Piece 2
3 Bearing Rod end Piece 1
4 Triangle Belt B1650 Piece 4
5 Open Wrench 18-21 Piece 1
6 Open Wrench 27-30 Piece 1
7 Six Angles Wrench 6# Piece 1
8 Six Angles Wrench 10# Piece 1
9 Double Row of Chain 12A-2 Piece 3
10 Half Double Buckle Piece 2
11 Joint Double Piece 2
12 Oil seal 46*65*8 Piece 2
13 Oil seal 90*120*12 Piece 1
14 Crescent Wrench Piece 2
15 Pad Iron Piece 8
16 Round nut M30 Piece 8
17 Lock sheet Piece 8
18 Pressure bearing 51106 Piece 4
19 Three-speed knob switch LAY8E Piece 2
20 Emergency stop switch Piece 2