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Charcoal Iron


Antique Charcoal Iron, Traditional Clothes Iron

Charcoal Cast Iron: as the name suggests, it is made of flat slabs of cast iron in which charcoal inserted in the base acts as the source of heat.

Bear this in the context the use of this iron takes time and finesse. First you must burn charcoal, when the coals are hot, place some inside this iron, shake out the ashes, latch the top so the coals don’t fly out while you are using it, and press the iron firmly over your clothing laid on a table. You must monitor the temperature, too many coals and your clothes could burn. If it gets too hot you spray water on the coals to cool the temperature. If it is not hot enough then you open the iron, shake out the ashes, and add more hot coal. One always tested the temperature on a towel prior to applying to your clothing to be ironed