From where to find the best prepainted galvanized steel coils? Finding the best supplier in China

A prepainted galvanized steel coil is an in-demand product by several business owners. This blog explains the characteristics of these coils. Read this to know which is the best supplier from which your business can benefit.


The evolution of prepainted galvanized steel coils takes us back to the nineteenth century. It was in the nineteenth century that the galvanization process came into existence. What is galvanization?

The coating of zinc on a steel sheet or coil. This coating provides resistance to corrosion and thus increases the steel coil’s durability. This durability is the main reason behind the vast usage of prepainted galvanized steel coils across various industries.

So, if you belong to construction, automobile, appliance, or any other industry that requires the use of prepainted galvanized steel coils on a large scale, then continue reading. In this blog, you will find information about the best supplier of these coils. It contains all the important information about these coils that are important to understand.

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What is a prepainted galvanized steel coil?

Prepainted galvanized steel coil is a steel sheet that undergoes surface treatment and coating. The coating of different colours on this coil gives it an attractive appearance. It not only looks appealing in appearance, but it also has a variety of uses across different industries. As you proceed further in this article, you will notice how it serves as an important component across different industries.

Manufacturing of prepainted galvanized steel coil:

The manufacturing of prepainted galvanized street coils is divided into various steps. Each step is unique. The whole manufacturing process is very systematic. Let’s have a closer look at each step.

Step One:

The process begins with processed steel sheets. The delivery of these steel sheets is in the form of steel coils. These steel coils are then later galvanized or zinc-coated through different processes.

Step Two:

After the delivery of the steel coils, the second step is cleaning them. For this purpose, they are passed through enclosed tanks. These tanks contain a mil caustic solution. This solution cleans any dirt or grease from the coils resulting from prior operations.

Step Three:

After the cleaning and rinsing process, the second step is galvanization. During galvanization, the steel coils pass through a controlled atmospheric furnace.

In this step, the galvanized steel sheets enter an annealing furnace. The annealing furnace not only softens the steel coils but also reduces its brittleness.

Step Four:

The last step is zinc coating. From the annealing furnace, the coils go through a kettle. The kettle contains zinc in molten form. This is where the steel sheets pick their galvanization characteristic, i.e. galvanized coating.

Step Five:

After the zinc coating, the steel coils are passed between two jets of air. These jets wipe the steel coils. This step keeps the zinc coating at a prescribed level of thickness.

Step Six:

Step six is about color coating the steel coils. First a primer is applied. After application of primer the coils are passed through an oven for drying. After the dying process paint coating is done on both sides. The techniques for paint coating is either done by dipping into a bath or by rolling technique.

Again the coils are kept in oven for drying the paint.

After this, the prepainted galvanized steel coils are cooled down and cut. They are then ready for shipment.

Characteristics of Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils:

A prepainted galvanized steel coil has several useful characteristics. Let’s have a look at them:

  • are lightweight
  • have an attractive appearance
  • are resistant to corrosion
  • can be used across a wide range of industries.
  • are a good replacement for wood because they are less prone to discoloration, weathering and powdering.
  • are available in a huge variety of colours.
  • don’t just offer colours; they also offer different surface coating options.
  • have a lower maintenance cost.

Application and use across various industries:

The advancement in technology and the innumerable advantages of prepainted galvanized steel coil have led to its use across various industries. However, in China, their user is mostly in construction. However, they have a variety of applications across other industries as well.


In the construction industry, a Painted galvanized steel coil is used in the making of outdoor doors, roofs, roof structures, rolling doors, air ducts, etc., and other architectural elements.

Automobile Industry:

In the automobile industry, automobile ceilings, back panels, car casings, tractors, and shipbays make use of these coils.

Appliance Industry:

The aesthetic existence of these coils does not spare the appliance industry either. In the appliance industry, their use is mostly in the outdoor signage. The main reason behind this use is their quality of being resistant to corrosion. Refrigerators, air conditioners, electronic stoves, and washing machines use prepainted galvanized steel coils.

Who manufactures the best prepainted galvanized steel coils in China?

China, being the world’s economic hub, has all the best suppliers for hundreds of products. The same is the case with prepainted galvanized steel coil. With so many manufacturers in the market, each offering the same product, it is not easy to spot the best one.

Well, we have done this for you. Lala Metal no doubt is the best supplier of prepainted galvanized steel sheets. Let’s know more about it.

Lala Metal.

Lala Metal is China’s leading manufacturer and exporter of steel products. Prepainted galvanized steel coils are one of the best quality products that the company manufactures. With years of experience in the manufacturing and export industry, the company promises:

  • Strict quality control
  • Best customer service
  • Fast Delivery and
  • Spot on quality

So, if you are a construction company, an electrical appliance manufacturer or an automobile manufacturing business owner looking for quality prepainted galvanized steel coils, Contact  Lala Metal.


Lala Metal has a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website. Their online presence is marked with a huge portfolio of products to choose from. Especially when considering prepainted galvanized steel coil, the choices are never-ending.

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A prepainted galvanized steel coil is an in-demand product for manufacturers in the construction, automobile and appliance industries. The environmentally friendly paint coating and resistant steel material make it a sustainable product. It is, however, difficult to find a reliable supplier that provides timely delivery of high-quality products. So, if you are in search of an amazing supplier that also offers free samples, then contact Lala Metal.

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