Color stone metal roof tile is weatherproof, do not leave any gaps.  Even rain-soaked rain forests, or hail and torrential rain in Texas, can keep a house dry.  Expensive home furnishings and appliances are well protected.

       Hail Impact: colored stone steel shingles have passed the UL4 impact certification, which is the highest rating.  This means they are stronger and less likely to suffer damage than traditional roof tiles.  It also means that your maintenance costs will be minimized.

       Wind damage: special yet simple installation method, after the completion of the installation of colored stone steel roof tile, can be EF2 tornado or Category 3 hurricane will remain strong.  Because each piece of colored stone metal roof tile and the house is firmly nailed together.

       stone coated metal roof tile

       Mildew and insect-proof: stone coating steel roofing installation is completed, will not leave any gaps, between the tiles are buckled together.  That means there’s no place for bugs to get into your house.  The antifungal agent in the adhesive can inhibit the growth of the fungus.

      It used to be that there were only a couple of types of metal roofing — corrugated metal, which has certainly improved over time but aesthetically has always been limited in options, or the much more costly copper cladding.

      The latest product – stone coated metal roofing. Stone coated steel roofing is combined with the look of tile, shake or shingle or other types to give a strong, durable roof along with fantastic good looks. Whatever the style of your home or property, you will likely be able to find a metal roofing product to match your needs. 

     What materials do we use for producing 50 years warranty high-quality steel roofing sheets?

     First, let’s check the structures:


         In general, there are 3 main parts of raw material contents:

① Stone Chips ( Beautiful look, effective heat / UV resistant, noise reduction, anti-slip and etc features)

② Galvalume Steel Plate ( Eco-friendly and recyclable material, strong, light-weight, anti-corrosion, waterproof)

③ Acrylic Glue ( Premium sealing performance, strong adhesion, anti-algae)

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